Beam yourself up Scotty!

I’ve learned that when you’re happy, it’s good to show that you’re happy. Beam! Showing your happiness only strengthens the feeling. Other people react to you more positively if you’re happy and you are more fun to be around. What’s there to lose? You can make/allow the tiniest happy thought to build up into a most wonderful feeling, putting a smile on your face and making you feel better altogether. Even when you’re in a neutral or bad mood, take those opportunities and turn them into something great. It’s not always easy, mind you, in fact sometimes you just want to feel shit for a bit. That’s alright. As long as you know you have that happy feeling to fall back on, if you try.

You know that moment when you’re just beaming because you’re in a room full of people you love, or you’re finally watching that movie you’ve been eagerly anticipating for ages? Well that feeling, you can feel that way more often than you’d think, it doesn’t have to be situational. I found it generally depends on two things;

– Opening yourself up to be affected by (positive) influences/moments around you.
– Allowing yourself to appreciate and enjoy these influences/moments, in public or by yourself.

I found that ever since I’ve been following these two ‘rules’, I allow myself to be happy and show it way more often, in many more situations. I can now walk down the street with a smile on my face, without feeling weird or insecure about it. (which I used to do) This has led to the feeling lasting way longer, which has obvious advantages. (see also the earlier post about it)

Through this I’d like to talk a little about something I learned a while ago. It’s an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique of anchoring. Through this, you link a motion, word or thought to a (happy) feeling. External to internal. By anchoring that feeling to the action, you could bring it back at any given time. Some people have already done this (sometimes subconsciously), and most of us already have one, although often we don’t really realise it. When you suddenly remember that awesome holiday or party, it’s your brain remembering because it has created a link (anchor) between what you experience at that moment and the altogether swell time you had before.

One of my anchors is snapping my fingers and clapping my hands together. It sounds weird phrased like that, but it was something everyone did in Australia at the time. Doing that reminds me of walking down main street Airlie Beach, recreating that feeling of the sun in my face, sunglasses on, t-shirt, shorts, flip flops, on my way to get me some brekky. I never deliberately made that anchor, but it still brings up that feeling today.

If anchoring seems like something you’d like to add to your happiness arsenal, let me know. Here’s some interesting links on the topic: (English) (Dutch)


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