There and back again

Oh hi! I imagine every blog on the net will at some point have a post that starts with “So it’s been a while”, and so it has and will be again.

The past year (!) I’ve still been writing a lot, yet not so much on here. Someone gifted me a booklet which I’ve been filling with thoughts, experiences and ideas. It has proven very fruitful and useful, but they were stories for me, not for this blog. The process of it though, has led to me sitting here once more, squinting at my screen in the summer sun, writing an actual blog post. Continue reading


Guest blog: “Why I started Control & Motivate”

The following is a reblog from In this post my good friend Louis talks about why he started his blog and business. (He even wrote most of it while on a plane from Budapest to Rotterdam). Here we go!

Why I started Control and Motivate


I’m going home. As I return after two weeks in Budapest I would like to share my thoughts on my journey. The journey started at the end of 2015, when I realized that I wasn’t happy with my job. People told me that young people are too demanding (generation Y), that they quit jobs too quickly. “You should be lucky you have a job.” Something I can imagine after a financial crisis from 2008 until 2014 (I was studying economics at that time). As always I questioned things, just like such pieces of advice. Were they advising me or themselves? Does this say more about them or about me?

What was holding me back from doing what I wanted to do? Fear… fear of the unknown?
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A tale of my own

Just to start it off; this little story, as the title suggests, is more personal than other things I posted on here. It is merely for the reader to get a better idea of what I base things on, and why I do so.

Generally I want to try and avoid using my own or other people’s background as an analysis for present and future behaviour. I am a firm believer in the here and now when it comes to how a person is. A ‘negative’ background does not necessarily have to mean you are going to be a negative person, the opposite is equally true. People make their own lives, and external influences add on to that if you allow them to, whether positively or negatively. Continue reading