The categories

The categories are based on the idea that I take a source, for instance a video or article, and use it to describe my own thoughts and ideas. For instance if an exercise is mentioned, or advice is given. I take it and try to make it my own, in the sense that it relates to me more personally.

Therefore they are categorized as:
Research material: videos, articles, speeches etc that I have observed. The ones I like and/or think are useful I use to describe scenarios and points of view.

Stories: personal stories relating to certain topics, with added advice and potential links to exercises. I find that linking ideas to (relatable) scenarios gives a better impression of the value and thought behind it.

Lessons: a lot of self-development/help advice can be put in practice in every day life. A lot of people in this field therefore recommend several exercises to improve your skills and ultimately yourself. I have made a few of my own, and post them in this category. Of course, not all trade secrets are divulged 😉

This is how they’ve been categorized, so get crackin’ and find out for yourself!


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