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Welcome, you have reached my personal forum for positivity and personal development!

My posts, exercises and experiences on these topics can be found by clicking on one of the categories in the menu above or on one of the following:

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This blog was set up to share and teach people ways to improve themselves, look at life a bit more positive, and to become a more positive person overall. I sincerely hope it will be of some use to the reader. I’ve personally been doing this for some time now, developing myself over the years, and it’s that process I want to share here.

I ‘absorb’ and analyse videos/speeches/articles and add my own thoughts. Generally using it to try and improve myself. These come in the forms of scenarios, (personal) stories and exercises. I hope you are willing to learn and have an open mindset, you’re going to need both.

Feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas. As one of the lessons will tell you, being open to criticism and suggestions is an important step towards improving yourself.

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