What are you looking forward to?

Sometimes your days are just filled with things you don’t want to do. Work, most often, can be one of them. Not everyone likes his or her job but you do it anyway. If you’ve ever been unemployed for a longer period than you’re probably quite happy you have a job to begin with. It can still be a drag though. What I’ve noticed lately, is how people deal with this.

Whatever it is that you spend the most time on during a week, it is likely that you’re not always up for it. Sometimes all you want to do is not go or ‘to not deal with it’. It happens to everyone. Now I’ve noticed people (including myself) saying that and nine out of ten times it all went alright and people weren’t too bothered once they actually started. You know, the “Ah it’s not that bad once I start and get in a flow.” or “When I’m actually there it’s not too bad.” comments. It’s just the thought of having to spend eight or how many hours at a place you don’t necessarily want to be. That can’t be the spirit, can it? Continue reading


Inspiration II – Be pro stuff

As mentioned in an earlier post, and in certain videos, I want to elaborate a bit more on the topic:

“Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff. – Define yourself by what you love.”

There are things you like and things you dislike, that’s just the way it is. You probably have no idea why you like or dislike certain things, but it’s just a feeling. Or perhaps someone told you about it and they pretty much formed their opinion for you. This is common, yet again, it is what you do with this that truly matters. Thinking more positively makes you feel more positive, so try and emphasize your feelings towards the positive aspects of an experience, object or person. Continue reading

Inspiration I

The first ‘lesson’ will be more of a tip, one which I have found a game changer once I consciously started applying it. It is simply:

Allow yourself to be inspired by anything.

Once I started doing this (consciously) I noticed I enjoyed a lot of things a lot more, and generally remembered things that inspired me better. The level of inspiration is irrelevant, I can be inspired for only a few minutes by something someone says or something I hear/see on tv, yet it might be all I need to kickstart a thought, idea or simply my motivation. Once you let go of some of the barriers you set for yourself when it comes to enjoying things, you open up and allow yourself to be inspired and enthused a lot more. Continue reading