The New Rich (NR)

A friend of mine bought me a book recently, called ‘A 4-Hour Work Week’ written by Timothy Ferris. If you don’t know Tim, he’s an American entrepreneur who reinvented his own way of living, and is now free, successful and happy, working just four hours a week.

I had never heard of the book before but I had seen some of his work, such as:

How to feel like the incredible Hulk
How to master any skill by deconstructing it
 How to triple your reading speed

In these videos he talks about how he taught himself things simply by taking a different approach, looking at the core values of the lessons and how to apply this to other experiences. For instance learning a new language, improving his swimming performances drastically and becoming National Kickboxing Champion in China.

After doing some research I mainly wondered how I had never really got to know his work up until now. It’s like finding hidden treasure!

What this man has done with his life is amazing and inspirational. Just as many aspire to be like him, he aspires to make people think along his lines and pursue their dreams in similar fashion. He fully believes that anyone can join the ‘New Rich’, if you are motivated enough and have a passion for what you do. In his book and his many talks he will tell you how to achieve this lifestyle for yourself.

If you feel like you’re stuck in your current lifestyle or you have too many negative routine things that you can’t wait to be rid of, even for just a week or so, then you are not yet free. This is just one of the many scenarios and whether this is the case or not for you, I highly recommend this book and his other work. It’ll change the way you think.

You can buy the book here (opens in new tab) The 4-Hour Work Week


What is freedom to you?

I’d like to add the TedX talk by Adam Baker, who talks about how he discovered his freedom. His question, asked to countless people throughout history, was this: What is freedom to you?
Only by defining what freedom is to you can you realise it. Mine is to be financially independent and to be able to travel the world helping others. If my actions can lead to such a point, I’d be free. Again, the process is just as important, as it’ll shape you in ways still unimaginable.

It’s a broad topic and I’ll be writing more about it. For now sit back and watch the TedX talk.

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Things you’re thankful for

A friend of mine once linked me a TEDx talk of Shawn Achor, who talked about linking positive brains to performance, it is called ‘The Happiness Advantage’. A good title, I’ve always thought.

While I really enjoyed the whole talk, it was the last part, during which he suggests a certain exercise to his audience, that really got to me. The main goal is that you get a more positive look on life after the 21 day exercise. It’s simple, yet brilliant. Whether this works for you depends, again, on how open you are to it. I’ve done this exercise – slightly altered – and I felt it worked quite well. I consider myself a positive person so I am not sure if the effect is the same on me as it would on let’s say a negative person. Yet the result was there, whether created by the mere feeling or actual brainy/scientific stuff, I can’t tell.

A link to the video, it starts at the point where Shawn explains about the exercise: 

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