Beam yourself up Scotty!

I’ve learned that when you’re happy, it’s good to show that you’re happy. Beam! Showing your happiness only strengthens the feeling. Other people react to you more positively if you’re happy and you are more fun to be around. What’s there to lose? You can make/allow the tiniest happy thought to build up into a most wonderful feeling, putting a smile on your face and making you feel better altogether. Even when you’re in a neutral or bad mood, take those opportunities and turn them into something great. It’s not always easy, mind you, in fact sometimes you just want to feel shit for a bit. That’s alright. As long as you know you have that happy feeling to fall back on, if you try.

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Confidently complementing confidence

“Hey there awesome person! You look great today!”

Confidence brings positivity, and vice versa. If you have the confidence to pay someone a compliment, whether a friend or a stranger, you radiate positivity. We all have that friend who is super positive most of the time and is overall generous in his or her praise. If you read that and didn’t relate it to yourself, do so. You can be that friend to others just as that person is to you. That person is generally likeable, and people feed off on that. It is an upward spiral of positivity, and I suggest you take steps toward it.

Some people are naturally confident, others have to work on it and perhaps learn it from others. No biggie, that’s just the way people are built. I had to work on it a lot as well, and both my peers and myself now consider me a confident person. Couple of years ago I never thought I could be as confident as I am today, yet here I am. It can be a long road, but it is oh so worth it.

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