Meet Alexi:

New post, new face! This time I want to put Alexi Panos in the spotlight. Not that she needs an actual spotlight to stand out though, it’s her vibrant and positive energy that do that. I personally love her energy. The home page of her website features a big happy picture of Alexi with the question “Want to have an EPIC life? I’ll show you how.” followed by pictures, videos, her blog and contact forms etc. A great and positive way to establish first contact with readers/viewers.

The first video I watched was shown to me by a friend, and the quirky, vibrant energy combined with cool video editing got me hooked:

It’s clearly someone who loves doing what she does, and wants to share that with the world. She’s trying to make the world a better place and is fully convinced she can do exactly that, one share at a time. I support such enthusiasm and the topic in general of course, hence this share. 🙂

Meet Henrik:

Meet Henrik Edberg from Sweden, his ‘Positivity Blog‘ is simple, inspiring and right up my alley. In many ways he beat me to the punch. Luckily, in the world of people sharing their positivity and excitement for personal development and happiness, there are no competitors.

Henrik writes “practical articles and newsletters each week about simplifying life, reducing stress, social skills, self-esteem and improving your happiness and awesomeness.” Sign up for his newsletter in order to receive the same updates I do. They’re generally short and concise. Sometimes one has a major impact, sometimes it’s just the little pick-me-up you need.

Today Henrik shared the following post: 21 small ways to make life simpler.

The reason I want to share it here is because I recognise a lot of the steps, from personal experience and reading/hearing about it elsewhere. Timothy Ferriss (from the New Rich) also recommends some of the steps in his work. For instance their take on emails and time management are similar in a lot of ways, and rightly so.

It’s a short read, so read it carefully, take in the information and use what you feel is useful to you. (and more)

As our mutual friend Seneca once said:

“Philosophy calls for simple living, not for doing penance, and the simple way of life need not be a crude one.”

Interview: “Aanpak”

Iets dichter bij huis vind ik ook genoeg inspiratie, in mensen om mij heen. Een aantal van deze mensen heb ik een aantal vragen gesteld, deze post gaat om de antwoorden van één van hen, namelijk Ruben ter Haar. Over hoe hij het leven ziet en aanpakt. Wij hebben het wel vaker over dit soort onderwerpen, maar op deze manier kon ik het duidelijker op papier krijgen als mooi geheel. Het is meer een gesprek geworden dan een Q&A, maar hopelijk leest het als vraag en antwoord wat fijner door.

Q: Heb jij dagelijks een doel, een plan dat je wil uitvoeren of een rode draad die je wil volgen? Een ‘groter’ doel kan ook een overkoepelende motivatie zijn. Continue reading

Documentaire: “Omdat ik het wil”

Laten we voor de verandering eens beginnen in het Nederlands. De documentaire en de daar bij behorende auteur Eric Mijnster werden aan mij geintroduceerd door Louis, wie er zelf ook een stuk over heeft geschreven.

Omdat ik het wil: 

De documentaire is inspirerend, spannend en meeslepend. Het neemt je mee in het avontuur van Eric, die de Route des Grandes Alpes in één keer heeft gefietst. Bijna 700 km en 14 bergen. Waarom? “Omdat ik het wil.” Het was een idee en begon hier aan te werken, het moest gebeuren. Een autotelische activiteit noemt Eric het, een activiteit waar er geen beloning is voor het doen, het doen is de beloning. Dit gekoppeld met wilskracht en passie, en alles kan.

Kijken dus. Kijk gelijk door op de website van Eric, waar veel mooie kleine verhalen staan over wat hem allemaal bezig houdt.

The New Rich (NR)

A friend of mine bought me a book recently, called ‘A 4-Hour Work Week’ written by Timothy Ferris. If you don’t know Tim, he’s an American entrepreneur who reinvented his own way of living, and is now free, successful and happy, working just four hours a week.

I had never heard of the book before but I had seen some of his work, such as:

How to feel like the incredible Hulk
How to master any skill by deconstructing it
 How to triple your reading speed

In these videos he talks about how he taught himself things simply by taking a different approach, looking at the core values of the lessons and how to apply this to other experiences. For instance learning a new language, improving his swimming performances drastically and becoming National Kickboxing Champion in China.

After doing some research I mainly wondered how I had never really got to know his work up until now. It’s like finding hidden treasure!

What this man has done with his life is amazing and inspirational. Just as many aspire to be like him, he aspires to make people think along his lines and pursue their dreams in similar fashion. He fully believes that anyone can join the ‘New Rich’, if you are motivated enough and have a passion for what you do. In his book and his many talks he will tell you how to achieve this lifestyle for yourself.

If you feel like you’re stuck in your current lifestyle or you have too many negative routine things that you can’t wait to be rid of, even for just a week or so, then you are not yet free. This is just one of the many scenarios and whether this is the case or not for you, I highly recommend this book and his other work. It’ll change the way you think.

You can buy the book here (opens in new tab) The 4-Hour Work Week

What is freedom to you?

I’d like to add the TedX talk by Adam Baker, who talks about how he discovered his freedom. His question, asked to countless people throughout history, was this: What is freedom to you?
Only by defining what freedom is to you can you realise it. Mine is to be financially independent and to be able to travel the world helping others. If my actions can lead to such a point, I’d be free. Again, the process is just as important, as it’ll shape you in ways still unimaginable.

It’s a broad topic and I’ll be writing more about it. For now sit back and watch the TedX talk.

Edit: So I just watched it again and got all excited so wanted to add something. Continue reading

The way of the superior –

The actual title, and that of my source, is ‘The Way of the Superior Man’ by David Deida. This book is not meant just for men however, (although some chapters are aimed at men) it´s man in general. This book is meant as a tranformation tool, or a set guidelines, to becoming a superior person. I’ve always remembered some of the lessons, and printed a couple of quotes which are stuck to my bedroom door. I went through it again before typing this post, just to see if I missed out on some. Either way, I want to address some of the quotes, and the ones that have helped me throughout the last couple of years. Continue reading

J.K. Rowling – The benefits of failure.

I’ve been wanting to post this one for a while now, so here we go. It’s the Harvard commencement address delivered by none other than J.K. Rowling.

If you’ve read/heard about her life a bit you’ll know that she has had to endure quite a few hardships before achieving success with the Harry Potter franchise. In the 21 minute long speech  she talks a fair bit about these hardships, more importantly, what she learned from them. Hence the title, “The benefits of failure.” As mentioned, it’s quite a long speech and I wasn’t sure which parts I was going to use. I think it’s a great watch/listen in total, but I realise not everyone is willing to dissect and analyse the full 21 minutes, so I decided to take a few topics and quotes out and talk about those instead. Continue reading

Inspiration II – Be pro stuff

As mentioned in an earlier post, and in certain videos, I want to elaborate a bit more on the topic:

“Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff. – Define yourself by what you love.”

There are things you like and things you dislike, that’s just the way it is. You probably have no idea why you like or dislike certain things, but it’s just a feeling. Or perhaps someone told you about it and they pretty much formed their opinion for you. This is common, yet again, it is what you do with this that truly matters. Thinking more positively makes you feel more positive, so try and emphasize your feelings towards the positive aspects of an experience, object or person. Continue reading

Tim Minchin – 9 life lessons

This is possibly the most interesting video you’ll ever watch. I found it incredibly inspiring, activating and altogether well performed. Above all, it is performed by the marvelous Tim Minchin. Australian comedian, writer, singer and many more. I’ve seen him before in comedy shows and on Australian/British tv, but it wasn’t until I watched this video that I realised what kind of person he is and what he believes him. The thoughts he shares in the video are the thoughts of what I like to call a superior realist. Not realism in the wikipedia sense, but as in someone who found out what is truly important in life. One of those people who go beyond common standards to figure out who they are and what they want to do in life. Brilliant.

In the video below he shares, and I quote: “on the ripe old age of 37.9, I bestow upon you 9 life lessons”. I will list them below, but for further detail be sure to watch the video. *Note: Tim Minchin speech goes on until around minute 12:00.

If you’ve now watched it, I hope you liked it as much as I do. Keep in mind; the real meaning of his words are what you decide to do with them. In any case, his 9 life lessons are: Continue reading