A guide to a motivating day.

Five guiding principles to a motivating day.

  1. Be active: set realistic and challenging activities.
  2. Get inspired: inspiration can be found anywhere.
  3. Have a meaningful day: Ask the ‘what?’ and the ‘how?’ question.
  4. Progress and achieve: success is satisfying.
  5. Reflect and rejoice in what you’ve done: “What did you learn today?”

What if being at work is like having a day off? Your day off generally consists of things you want to do and some things you need to do that day. If you managed to do what you had to do, and you had time to do the things you enjoy, you look back on a day (full) of joy, happiness and accomplishment. It does not necessarily have to be a day off to feel this way, in fact, this could also be true after a day of obligatory (work-related) activities. Follow these five guiding principles, and see what happens! Let’s elaborate what they’re all about. Continue reading

Find your real currency

When reading that title you probably think of it in financial terms, this is not a good or bad thing, it is simply how we’ve got to know it in today’s societal terms. And let’s face it, there is no way around money. It is required in our every day lives. Personally, making a lot of money or becoming a millionaire has never been an ambition of mine. I work to live, not live to work. I used to have a sort of ‘disliking’ towards money, and while I still believe it is something that is focused too much on, I realised there is no point actively disliking something you cannot do anything against. We will always need money in our lifetime, and there will be no alternative for our probable future. If money is your passion, so be it, enjoy it. Personally, I see it as means to an end, nothing more.

What I would like to pursue with this topic though, is a more personal kind of currency. The currency that you value in life and what you would like to earn loads of. Continue reading

Inspiration I

The first ‘lesson’ will be more of a tip, one which I have found a game changer once I consciously started applying it. It is simply:

Allow yourself to be inspired by anything.

Once I started doing this (consciously) I noticed I enjoyed a lot of things a lot more, and generally remembered things that inspired me better. The level of inspiration is irrelevant, I can be inspired for only a few minutes by something someone says or something I hear/see on tv, yet it might be all I need to kickstart a thought, idea or simply my motivation. Once you let go of some of the barriers you set for yourself when it comes to enjoying things, you open up and allow yourself to be inspired and enthused a lot more. Continue reading