Food for thought I

I’ve spent most of the the last couple of months abroad/traveling and have started a self-study of sorts (previously mentioned in There and back again). Now that I’ve soaked up some wisdom and turned a few pages, I want to start sharing a thing or two… Three, actually. 

First of which is 5-Bullet Friday by Tim Ferriss. I’ve mentioned Tim before in The New Rich and have since read some more of his work and listened to quite a few of his podcasts, both are inspiring, entertaining and easy to digest. Each week, Tim shares five books, gadgets, movies, quotes etc. that have triggered his Spidey-sense. Since he spends a lot of time doing this for his businesses, it’s generally good stuff.

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– 5-Bullet Friday (opens in new tab).

Next up is the Wait but Why blog by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn, complete with catchy slogan: “New post every sometimes.” This blog has content on pretty much everything, generally in a long-form format. Not every topic might be your cup of tea but I’ve found that this blog can make just about anything interesting. A short post from 2015 called ‘The Tail End‘ is the one I want to highlight.

“If you’re going to read one article [this month], make it this one.
– Tim Ferriss and Matt Mullenweg

It’s an easy to read post and will only take about 5 minutes of your time. It’s basically a quirky way to put your life span into perspective. The findings can be a bit confronting but makes for lots of food for thought. I’ve been thinking and talking about it for a couple of weeks already.

Third and last is a bit more general: audio books and podcasts. I might be a bit slow with this, but I’ve recently discovered these two work extremely well for me. It also led me to purchasing my very first app. It’s called the Smart Audiobook Player (link takes you to the Play Store) and is, as far as I know, only available for Android users. While the basic version works just fine, the unlimited version offers some personalisation and is only ~€1,99 (automatic 30-day free trial with basic). It allows you to skip 10s – 1min, boost volume and most importantly, increase play speed. I’ve set it to 1.5 times. Still easy to understand and you’ll simply go through books quicker, especially useful for long (informative) books. I’ve finally ‘read’ Lord of the Rings by using this app. (“That still only counts as one!”)

Podcasts are a whole different ballpark. I’ve mostly listened to The Tim Ferriss Show so far (available on iTunes and Spotify), where Tim interviews many great and entertaining minds. Couple of examples are Maria Sharapova, Darren Aronofksy and Vince Vaughn, who are generally known for one thing (tennis, director, actor) but who are also active and interesting for so many other reasons.

That’s my little three-things-Tuesday (coining it) and be sure to check it out. Hope you find it interesting and helpful!


One thought on “Food for thought I

  1. Hi Eelke. Thanks for your blog. I’ve found the ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ on iTunes en will listen to some of the stories on my iPod. Kind regards, Ouke


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