There and back again

Oh hi! I imagine every blog on the net will at some point have a post that starts with “So it’s been a while”, and so it has and will be again.

The past year (!) I’ve still been writing a lot, yet not so much on here. Someone gifted me a booklet which I’ve been filling with thoughts, experiences and ideas. It has proven very fruitful and useful, but they were stories for me, not for this blog. The process of it though, has led to me sitting here once more, squinting at my screen in the summer sun, writing an actual blog post.

That adventure has taught me a great number of things, not least of all the value of writing / journaling. The process of putting thoughts on paper helped me clear my head, reach conclusions and bring new ideas to life. It sounds a bit dramatic but it definitely isn’t all doom and gloom, most of it was positive, growth stuff. It was because of a show by Eric Mijnster (see: Omdat ik het wil) that led me to [continue] a journey that looks further inward, exploring your own thoughts and habits, a journey that questions both the past and future. Being honest, true and vulnerable all at once, to yourself and others. That shit can be tough, but it was incredibly valuable to me.

Now I won’t get further into it (yet) but see it if you will, as a positive change. I intend to keep this blogging business up and running, with regular contributions both big and small. Future posts will include Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, travel tales of sorts, human guinea pig Tim Ferriss, more on journaling, self-help legend Jim Rohn, and a wide variety of books and interesting podcasts, to name a few.

I have decided to start a self-study of sorts, which will cover quite a few topics also featured on this blog. To share the process seemed a fair fit, hopefully it will help readers as much as it will help me. That’s the idea anyway 😉

That’s it for the ‘guess who’s back post’ and teaser campaign!

Here is a .gif of a cat riding a vacuum cleaner.


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