The active emerge victorious

Be active and you’ll reap the rewards. Exercise in whatever way fits you and be active socially: join a community, meet ups, gatherings to do with your hobby or do voluntary work. All of these help yourself and others, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Everyone has lazy days and lazy days can be.. amazing. But as with a lot of things: in moderation! Your time, and being active or not, has to be balanced. Don’t have a lazy day every time you have a day off, or be lazy as soon as you have time to spare. It’s easy to fall back on it but it will not push you forward. I too enjoy coming home after a long day and crashing on the couch, only getting up for food or a drink, but I can only do this occasionally (now). I’ve noticed that if I do it too often, it slows me, makes me more lazy. Less keen to go out and do things, which ripples through to the next day. Wouldn’t you rather lie awake at night because of the excitement of the day past or the adventures that await you the next? Reflect on it: how do lazy days affect you?

Aspire to use your free time to do something for you or for others, something exciting, different or something you learn from. Accomplish that and your lazy days will be even more enjoyable because you know you got everything you could from the other days.

This involves taking action! Taking action to do what you want to do, not waiting for something to happen. Someone once told me to “stop waiting for anything to complete itself” and it still rings as true now as it did back then. Realise that if you want something you have to put time and effort into it, it won’t happen just because you want it. First-hand experience: I’ve been meaning to build a dining room table for months. An impulsive idea that I still really like… I have yet to start. It’s a struggle to put yourself to do such things, but that table won’t build itself. If you have a similar idea or project you’ve been meaning to take on for a while, learn from my mistake and just do it. Be active! Take baby steps if you need to and work your way up from there.

Right now, in a parallel universe, there is a me sitting at an epic dining room table, laughing at me. The active emerge victorious. 


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