What have you done to CHANGE lately?

Think about it for a second, reflect and look back. What have you done to change lately? With change I mean something new, something you grow from and/or something that deviates from your usual routine. Change brings variety in our lives, variety keeps us on our toes and makes us excited. Being more excited more often leads to a more enjoyable lifestyle. You see; change is important.

Riddle me this: What is your answer to the question: “What’s new?”.  If the recurring answer is :“Mwah not much”, you’re (arguably) doing something wrong.

It’s not always easy, either remembering or doing the things you want to do. Often it’s like going to the gym, you want to but also you don’t, you have time but also you don’t. Conscious living, deviating from the routine and/or improving yourself is similar. It often leaves your focus for a bit and you lose motivation to pick it up. Think of language lessons, stretching exercises, biking to that hillside (it must be beautiful this time of year) or a little reading. Things you want to do or learn, but lose time for in the routine you have been molded into.

I’m not saying routine is demonstrably wrong, a little structure in your life could be just the handles you need. If routine gets in the way of growth or joy however, it’s time for change. Make sure you don’t lose sight of the things you want to do, and make time to do them. Reflect on your week, what did you do that you could do just fine without? What can you cut out completely or time better so that you have a little extra time to do what you want to do?

Next time someone asks you “What’s new?” you’d prefer to have an exciting answer right? Doesn’t have to be bungee jumping or a pet elephant, it could be that you went out for a nice lunch or picked up knitting and made yourself a sweater. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it excites you and you’re keen to share it.

“Mwah not much” means you stopped trying. Time for change.


11 thoughts on “What have you done to CHANGE lately?

  1. Great post! Eyeryday in life gives us the Chance to learn something New if we would like to explore it. There are many ways and possibilities for our growing, reading books, learning languages vor music instruments or small things like trying New food or getting in contact with unknown people. My personal favourite is travelling, because there are so many experiences – unknown landscapes, language, people and wonders of nature, history, culture… I love this Quote: “Travel means to exceed limits. Also our own.” (Wanda Rezat) Best wishes, yours Travel sounds… http://travel-sounds.com

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  2. I would say that change for the sake of change could be a little self defeating and potentially overwhelming but overall I very much agree with your article. It is good to be able to wake up each morning and be excited by possibilities rather than to be stuck in a rut of tedium and boredom. Well done.


    • I agree, change has to mean something. If you’ve found something you like doing and that way works best for you, keep it up and don’t change it. If it (or routine) gets in the way of growth or joy however, it’s time to reflect and possibly change things up a little.

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