Find your edge

Try something new. Find your edge. Challenge yourself.

I am not an innate competitive man, nor do I think I ever will be. I have one main challenger in everything I do, and that is myself. Of all the challenge(r)s in my life, I am the strict one. I had to learn to push myself, to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. Everyone has to, on any level. I’ve heard a friend talking about climbing Everest as a goal, but another friend who took a class in painting nude models just to experience something new. Both challenges but on different levels. In theory, you could do it all.

Challenging myself is where it started. To go further, to learn, to grow and to try new things is a constant exciting battle which I enjoy every day. For now I am a welcome competitor, we’ll see what challengers the future will bring. I have yet to be tested in a lot of things, but keen to rise to the challenge.

The things I learn about myself give me incredible motivation to do even more. It goes from exercising to learning a new language, or from reading about the cosmos to doing a good deed every day. These are all things that I could let go of, that I do not need to live a ‘normal life’, but it makes it so much more fun. Coming from a person who never challenged himself, gave up easily and only learned what he had to learn, I had no idea I could ever enjoy it as much as I do.

That is my way of saying, go try something new, find your edge. Your edge is your limit, however big the challenge may be.  I have set some for myself, and have yet to find even more. One thing I have learned: most often your edge is beyond your reach, and that is perfect.

I will never be able to say I have completed learning Spanish, or that I have completed being as fit as I want to be. I can always learn and do more, but to aim for the best and to reach for the top is what keeps it challenging, and presents a personal mindset that has not been rivaled by anything else

Find something that you like and that you can challenge yourself with, on whatever level. Improving yourself with such activities are like little building blocks, making you stronger and better step by step. Isn’t that marvelous? Your body and mind are capable of doing so much. Some choose not to test its depths, but the superior (wo)man finds the edge.


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