What is freedom to you?

I’d like to add the TedX talk by Adam Baker, who talks about how he discovered his freedom. His question, asked to countless people throughout history, was this: What is freedom to you?
Only by defining what freedom is to you can you realise it. Mine is to be financially independent and to be able to travel the world helping others. If my actions can lead to such a point, I’d be free. Again, the process is just as important, as it’ll shape you in ways still unimaginable.

It’s a broad topic and I’ll be writing more about it. For now sit back and watch the TedX talk.

Edit: So I just watched it again and got all excited so wanted to add something.
This question, this talk, contains much of what has been bothering me for a while now. It’s been in my mind like a mosquito in a room. It doesn’t always bother you but it rears its ugly head every now and again. I realised some time ago how much it bothered me, and how often I think about the fact that I have not yet obtained my ‘freedom’. Not William Wallace freedom, more like my mental freedom. The feeling Adam Baker got in Australia. The feeling of being free and ready to start writing your own script!

I’ve talked about it before; people generally follow the scripts that have been written for them. Like drones of society. As Adam said, there is nothing inherently wrong with that, unless you think it is. No one has ever been at the end of his or her days and said “I wish I would have done less.”

Living in the Netherlands, I don’t often feel physically free. I know that wherever I go there will be civilization of some sort just around the corner. Therefore, going to places where peace and quiet are the norm feels like a special treat to me. It relaxes me and gets me excited to explore more of it, to experience more!

Point being: Write your own script. To find out how to, answer Adam’s question: What is freedom to you?


One thought on “What is freedom to you?

  1. Freedom is exactly what I am experiencing now. Chasing my dream in Panama, creating my perfect day, every day and letting other people experience these days for a little fee. It’s been amazing and I finally feel completely free. (nice website btw)


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