Give the 100%

“Find something you really want to do, and give it 100%.”

That was the advice a friend of mine gave me once, it struck me instantly, I realized I had never committed that much to anything. I feel I have now. In the past year I have committed myself to certain things, and it taught me a great deal about myself. Testing your own resolve and finding your ‘edge’ makes it possible to see where you can go, and how much you can push yourself (beyond that). This works both physically and mentally, depending on what activity you choose to give 100% of your effort.

Achieving/reaching something that took you put the whole 100% effort in is a feeling beyond any other, and the process of getting there will help to shape you, which is equally important. Imagine a promotion at work, a fitness goal, starting up your own business, the relationship with your significant other. None of this would work by putting 50% effort into it or working on it occasionally. You can imagine the difference between the two methods. It could work, but not nearly as efficient as when you would’ve given that 100%. 50% more effort, at least 50% more reward.

Putting all your possible effort into something requires discipline, dedication, taking risks and being able to cope with the consequences of your actions. I recently quit smoking, which beforehand I thought would be tough and require a lot of discipline. As it turns out, I had already set my mind to give not smoking 100% of my effort, and it has been a breeze. I read ‘quit smoking’ books, started to notice and reflect on physical and mental improvements and made lists of the pros and cons. (There are no pros) The combination of the effort put into it and the rewards makes me glad I did it, and can safely say giving 50% wouldn’t have yielded the same result (e.g. occasionally smoking). A simple example, but you get the gist.

Try it, on any level, you could give a 100% to that workout routine or that presentation at work you have tomorrow. Put all your possible effort into it, make it your own and see how you reap the rewards, the spoils of war you might say. If you liked the process and the rewarding feeling, try it on something bigger. See what’s comfortable for you and see if you can put up a long term goal, and give that the 100% it deserves. You’ll find you can accomplish much more than you realised, and it’s a great feeling.

No idea what to choose? Try love.

Edit 9/9/15: I’d like to add this link to this post. It’s a short piece on how to give it a 100% each day, read it through if you like it, I found it very useful.
6 ways to give it a 100 percent all day every day


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